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In 1993, I graduated from Tuureporin lukio with five laudaturs and one magna cum laude approbatur. The same year I entered the University of Turku, where I studied electronics & information technology. I graduated as a Master of Science in late March, 2001. You may want to take a look at the list of courses I took at the University of Turku.

Outside the university, I have worked for TOP-Case ky, a computer software company developing business and accounting software, writing mainly low-level stuff in C, C++ and assembly language. However, after TOP-Case went bankrupt in the fall of 1996, I mostly concentrated on studying, and also did some freelancing for Nisamest oy, the successor of TOP-Case ky. My duties there were mostly related to administering their web server.

Between August 1998 and October 2007, I worked for Nokia Technology Platform in Salo, Finland, as a design engineer and specialist in the Digital ASIC team. In the beginning of November 2007, I was transferred to STMicroelectronics as part of a larger transfer of IC design personnel between the two companies.

I worked at ST-Ericsson until the end of 2012 as a staff engineer, specializing SoC verification and in debug and trace solutions for STE products. In verification, my responsibilities included verification platform architecture and design in C, C++, and ARM assembly language, verification planning and software implementation including SoC wake-up.

In the trace & debug field, I participated in the MIPI Debug Workgroup where I was the primary technical author of the MIPI System Trace Protocol (versions 1.0 to 2.1), MIPI Debug Adaptor for USB (published but not listed on the previous page), and MIPI Debug Adaptor for UniPro (in print). I also contributed to a number of other standards. I was also an ST-Ericsson representative in the USB Debug Framework, whose specification is also in print. Within ST-Ericsson, my responsibilities in trace & debug included IP and SoC architecture design especially for the standards I’d helped draft in MIPI & USB.

From August 2013 to August 2015, I worked as a Software Engineer for Cadmatic, working on their eShare information management solution.

I returned to my “own field” in August 2015 when I started at Nordic Semiconductor as a Senior R&D Engineer in their Turku office.

From June 2008, I have also had my own company, Other Alien Software, designing web and desktop applications for Windows.

More detailed information on my work experience can be found in:

Please note that I’m currently not open for job or consulting offers.