Hi. My name is Bast and I’m the real owner of the apartment shared by me and my feeders, Tomi and Hanne.

My cat code is

Bast: DM W+Bo G+Y 6 X L- W- C+ I+ T++/-- A- E H+ S++ V+ F Q+ P B- PA PL

I’m sorry I’m not able to tell you more about me at this moment, I need to chase my pet mouse for a while. After that, I think I’ll eat Tomi, or maybe Hanne. Yes, I think I’ll eat Hanne, her feet are always such an annoyance. As you can see I’m quite busy. Come again later. I will need more food.

Those nasty humans had me spayed! They even put a collar on me! Look at this image (about 26 kB):

Bast with a protective collar

Exploration is crucial to life. But so is being nice and clean. This is the easiest way to wash oneself. Look how shiny and white I am!

Bast coming out of the washing machine (300 dpi version)

Huh? What is that thing you're holding? A puzzled Bast (300 dpi version)

I just love boxes. Bast-in-a-Box

The smaller the box is, the better. Bast-in-a-Box 2

Now what? Why won't you just let me sleep? A groggy Bast

Photos added October 28, 2003

Hey, this is a box I haven't been to before! Bast in a cash register