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Hi. My name is Bast and I'm the real owner of the apartment shared by me and my feeders, Tomi and Hanne.

My "cat code" (the link to appears to be dead) is

Bast: DM W+Bo G+Y 6 X L- W- C+ I+ T++/-- A- E H+ S++ V+ F Q+ P B- PA PL

I'm sorry I'm not able to tell you more about me at this moment, I need to chase my pet mouse for a while. After that, I think I'll eat Tomi, or maybe Hanne. Yes, I think I'll eat Hanne, her feet are always such an annoyance. As you can see I'm quite busy. Come again later. I will need more food.

Those nasty humans had me spayed! They even put a collar on me! Look at this image (about 26 kB):

Bast with a protective collar

Exploration is crucial to life. But so is being nice and clean. This is the easiest way to wash oneself. Look how shiny and white I am!

Bast getting out of the washing machine (300 dpi version)

Huh? What is that thing you're holding?

A puzzled Bast (300 dpi version)

I just love boxes.


The smaller the box is, the better.

Bast-in-a-Box 2

Now what? Why won't you just let me sleep?

A groggy Bast

Photos added October 28, 2003

Hey, this is a box I haven't been to before!

Bast in a cash register